Why You Should Join Us

During this 2-day event you will learn A-Z on business acquisitions and how to become a successful deal maker.

You will learn directly from Michael Byars, a successful deal maker and business acquisition expert. You will learn first hand next-level, actionable strategies, and tactics to help you acquire 7-8 figure businesses, for little to no money out of pocket.

Here is just some of the expert knowledge that is going to be shared at our live event...

Our Investment Thesis

Learn the exact buy box that we use to purchase businesses everyday.


How to find deals that meet our specific criteria

Learn the method we use to source, vet and qualify deals ready for execution.


How to finance deals and buy businesses with little to no money out of pocket

Learn how to structure deals that are a win-win for both sides with minimal risk and capital outlay.


Out of the box growth strategies

Learn how to build teams, market, and implement systems & processes to grow your business acquisition.


The Wall Street Exit method

Learn how to structure businesses with a planned exit strategy.


How to analyze & assess the business financials for any risks

Learn how to effectively read financial data to identify risk, avoid deals that are no good, and those that are worth pulling the trigger on.


How to perform rigorous due diligence and raise funds

Learn how to investigate various vital documents and reports to identify the potential opportunities and risks a business presents.


Over 350+ students in the last 20 months. Students have done over 60m worth of deals.

Be a part of one of the top networks of successful entrepreneurs acquiring businesses and partnering on deals.


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Meet Michael Byars

Former one-man company turned serial entrepreneur; Michael grew up in rural South Carolina. Betting on himself, he ventured out on his own to start his first business from scratch at 19 years old in the tech industry. He successfully took that company from 2 locations to an impressive 10,000 end points, generating $40M/year in revenue.

Subsequently, he kept his momentum going, and at 21 years old obtained his first acquisition deal by purchasing a restaurant. Michael utilized innovative approaches to grow the company from $200k/year in gross revenue & $50k in net profit, to over $3M/year gross & $1m/year net within the first 2 years. He operated that company for 9 years, developing a framework for maximizing market potential, then sold it at its highest valuation.

He then bought a similar restaurant that at the time of purchase was failing, grossing only $200k/year and netting a loss. Through the operational acumen that he gained from the first restaurant, he was able to quickly grow the second restaurant to over $3M in sales and over $1M in profit in the first 12 months. He exited this business in 13 short months.

In 2014 & 2015 he coupled the profit from the sale of those businesses and the annual profit of the tech support company and began buying single family homes within a 1 hour radius of his office. Michael started with 1 property and actualized obtaining over 170 rental homes and commercial buildings.

Observing the cyclical needs of his properties, he began purchasing bolt on companies around the rental homes. He obtained plumbing, HVAC, property management, and general contracting and construction companies to employ the synergies between the companies.

In 2020, at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, he capitalized on the opportunity to purchase an ecommerce company with his business partner. Michael led the strategic development and implementation of an automation software that was critical to the massive and rapid growth of the business, taking it from $1.3M in revenue (18 months prior to buying), to $10M in revenue (within the first 6 months of ownership).

The automation tool created efficiencies in the processing, listing, sale, and distribution of over 30k products per day, averaging a revenue of $39M/month in sales. Today, Michael and his partner have amassed $140M/year in revenue across the 20 companies in their portfolio.

He is also the founder of AcquisitionCEO, a business acquisition specialist firm that helps entrepreneurs acquire, scale, then sell 7 and 8 figure businesses professionally.

In the last 20 months they have used their combined forty years of acquisition experience to train and educate 350+ entrepreneurs on their strategies to better understand the market, and provide them with a comprehensive investment thesis strategy to execute. This has afforded $60M+ worth of deals for students in the program in the last 12 months alone, resulting in $10M+ in potential profits for them and their families.

Real People Real Success

We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve financial success. See what they have to say about our expertise.

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Schedule Details Event Schedule

9.30 - 10.30 AM Day 1


Why we are here, why Acquisitions, why now.

10.30 - 11.30 AM Day 1


30,000 ft view into our Winning Strategy.

11.30 - 12.30 PM Day 1

Guest Speaker

Learn how she purchased a cash flowing business with zero money out of pocket.

12.30 - 01.30 PM Day 1

Lunch Break

Eat and network.

01.30 - 02.30 PM Day 1


Learn how we source deals.

02.30 - 03.30 PM Day 1


See how we view deals at scale on auto pilot

03.30 - 04.30 PM Day 1


What we like, look for, and gravitate towards.

04.30 - 05.30 PM Day 1


How to grow your business acquisitions fast with little known secrets.

09.30 - 10.30 AM Day 2


How to acquire profitable cash flowing companies using little to no money out of your own pocket.

10.30 - 12.30 PM Day 2


Hear from past students.

12.30 - 01.30 PM Day 2

Lunch Break

Eat and network.

01.30 - 02.30 PM Day 2


Video of LIVE Interactions.

02.30 - 03.30 PM Day 2


03.30 - 04.30 PM Day 2


How to find off market deals that no one is looking at.

04.30 - 05.30 PM Day 2


How to Pull the Trigger on Your 7-Figure Acquisition Within Months.

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What people are saying

Click below to learn more about the event

By Saying "Yes" Today, You Will Join an Elite Level of Entrepreneur & Investor...

Equipped With Rare Knowledge Only Those Who Run In Tight Lipped Circles Are So Privy To...And Took Me 23 Years To Accumulate

Warning: This Is Not Cheap

By now, you get the idea that this isn’t for any ol' "internet marketing” or “get rich in real estate” With the latest “hack” or “trick”

This is for the entrepreneur and Investor looking to have a massive advantage in an ever increasingly crowded market... while experiencing powerful success!

I’ve gone to extreme lengths to put this event on and bring in a few of my secret weapons that I rely on it daily.

When you start combining the Compounding Experiential Wisdom in the room, there’s already been millions of dollars of investment, and 10,000+ hours to acquire the wisdom and knowledge that you are being given an opportunity to learn from in person.

While I believe you should spend ANYTHING to get in the room for these 2 days.

I can easily make a case why the Investment should be $100,000

$25,000 would easily be a fair dollar amount.

$10,000 is a bargain for the years of wisdom and systems that you will literally be downloading. BUT... I settled at what I would consider the best price of your life opportunity.

Your Investment is just: $5,000

If you are looking for a cheap, motivational seminar, this is NOT it.

This event is for the Investor, Entrepreneur, Business Owner who wants to eliminate the time for money trap...

....apply massive leverage...

..that you can replicate and accelerate using Other People’s Assets.

Other People’s Customers
Other People’s Products and Services
Other People’s Mistakes They Overcame
Other People’s Partners, Rolodexes, and
Other People’s Deals or Funding

Your investment of $5,000 ensures that you are in the room with SERIOUS A+ Players, serial entrepreneurs, Investors, Funding Partners.

That is literally just $13.70/day over a year's time.

Most people spend more than that at Starbucks every single day.

Simply being in the room your personal mental view of money, investment, and opportunities will shift in an immeasurable way that will affect you now...

....but ALSO you can pass down to your family generationally.

Think about this: most people will pay well over $100,000 in a college for their kids, but bark at a simple investment in themselves.

A mentor of mine would say: “That is penny wise and pound foolish”

If you would like to reserve a seat for yourself (& partner), please fill out this form right away to ensure there is space available.

One of our Growth Coaches will call you at a time that is convenient for you to ensure we are 100% confident that we can get you the results YOU are looking to achieve.

Apply To Join Us At The Event

Okay, that’s it.

Get rolling and I can’t wait to see you in NC at the end of July!

Rooting for you!

Michael Byars


5 Ways You Will Make Your
Money Back Fast

#1: You’ll Have a New Power Network! Join An Elite Group of Business Deals, New Friends and so much more!

You’ve heard the phrase you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with. Iron sharpens Iron...

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to up-level and sharpen the saw!

This room will be filled with people just like you and people that are years AHEAD of you, but there to support you.

No Ego Allowed.

The price point and culture that we set keeps “ego-driven” out… AND ...the culture is so much better because of the room!

#2: Awaken You To An Entirely New Possibility for Yourself, Your Family, and Generations To Come.

My goal is to allow you to see all the opportunities available to you that might be right in front of you and make them real.

Some of my favorite clients will be sharing their journey from being on the sidelines to now owning multiple businesses and having Net Worth of multiple 7, 8, and even 9 figures.

#3: Find GROWTH PARTNERS In The Room:

You will come to the room with your own talents, life experience, and goals. If you are a GROWTH oriented individual, you may find a person here that is very OPERATIONS oriented.

You will definitely be introduced to FUNDING partners... Vendors…and everything you need to Accelerate Growth through Acquisitions.

In 2 days, you will have access to all the RELATIONSHIPS that took me decades to create:-)

#4: Dormant Assets And Profits All Around You!

I bet there is easily an additional 7 figure WIN that you walk by almost daily. It could be an opportunity that you are currently labeling as an expense item on your credit card.

It could be your favorite shop. It might be a competitor, a partner, you name it. The wool will be pulled away from your eyes and the world will never be the same!

#5: HyperGrowth Profits! You’ll receive actual tool-kits of “Fast Cash” Methods you can deploy in any existing business you own right now...


You’ll have the “assets” to apply to your first deal to accelerate the value of the business by 3X-10X very very fast.

These are strategies that do NOT cost anything to deploy and 99% of business owners are blind to them.

Common Questions:

1. Will This Work In My “Industry”? The Biggest Question we get is: “Will it work in “X” industry?”

Short Answer: Yes! If there are owners that have customers, operations, finances, technology, and PROFITS....

...along with: “Will the industry still be utilized during recessions or economic volatility...?”

Then the answer is yes.

2. How do I get my deal funded?

There are tons of ways to get deals funded. The “magic” key is to find good deals. Which is I'm going to share with you exactly how to find the best deals. Both on and off market.

3. Is there any funding besides SBA Funding?

Yes! There are tons of funding options. In fact, many of the Investors in the room are looking to fund deals ALL the time.

That’s what they do for a living! I know this sounds too easy, but if you can FIND THE DEAL, you can get it funded.

The key is to have so many good deals in your cue that you are the “prettiest girl at the prom” so to speak. The one everyone wants to dance with.

Ready to join us at the in-person mastermind?