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About Michael Byars​

Former one-man company turned serial entrepreneur; Michael grew up in rural South Carolina. Betting on himself, he ventured out on his own to start his first business from scratch at 19 years old in the tech industry. He successfully took that company from 2 locations to an impressive 10,000 end points, generating $40M/year in revenue.

Subsequently, he kept his momentum going, and at 21 years old obtained his first acquisition deal by purchasing a restaurant. Michael utilized innovative approaches to grow the company from $200k/year in gross revenue & $50k in net profit, to over $3M/year gross & $1m/year net within the first 2 years. He operated that company for 9 years, developing a framework for maximizing market potential, then sold it at its highest valuation.

He then bought a similar restaurant that at the time of purchase was failing, grossing only $200k/year and netting a loss. Through the operational acumen that he gained from the first restaurant, he was able to quickly grow the second restaurant to over $3M in sales and over $1M in profit in the first 12 months. He exited this business in 13 short months.

In 2014 & 2015 he coupled the profit from the sale of those businesses and the annual profit of the tech support company and began buying single family homes within a 1 hour radius of his office. Michael started with 1 property and actualized obtaining over 170 rental homes and commercial buildings.

Observing the cyclical needs of his properties, he began purchasing bolt on companies around the rental homes. He obtained plumbing, HVAC, property management, and general contracting and construction companies to employ the synergies between the companies.

In 2020, at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, he capitalized on the opportunity to purchase an ecommerce company with his business partner. Michael led the strategic development and implementation of an automation software that was critical to the massive and rapid growth of the business, taking it from $1.3M in revenue (18 months prior to buying), to $10M in revenue (within the first 6 months of ownership).

The automation tool created efficiencies in the processing, listing, sale, and distribution of over 30k products per day, averaging a revenue of $39M/month in sales. Today, Michael and his partner have amassed $140M/year in revenue across the 20 companies in their portfolio.

He is also the founder of AcquisitionCEO, a business acquisition specialist firm that helps entrepreneurs acquire, scale, then sell 7 and 8 figure businesses professionally.

In the last 20 months they have used their combined forty years of acquisition experience to train and educate 350+ entrepreneurs on their strategies to better understand the market, and provide them with a comprehensive investment thesis strategy to execute. This has afforded $60M+ worth of deals for students in the program in the last 12 months alone, resulting in $10M+ in potential profits for them and their families.

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